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egrade 3.6.1


     Category: Business

Description of
egrade is a product for Windows PCs, which allows the configuration of online surveys, assessment systems and rating systems in any language. A graphical user interface allows you to define all types of questions, filter questions, groups of questions, answers and weightings to any detail. Based on automatically generated questionnaires (ASP or PHP) any kind of survey, assessment or rating can be done. There is no installation work required on a web server. Just copy some files and that's it... egrade's questionnaires will run on any web server that supports PHP or ASP. Surveys can be run personalized or anonymously. Completed forms can easily be loaded into egrade and are ready for analysis. Results can also be exported to MS Excel or statistical packages for further analysis. There are three editions available: STARTUP (limited to 500 users, no multi page questionnaires), ADVANCED (limited to 5,000 users, multi page questionnaires etc.) and PROFESSIONAL (no user limit, filter questions, grid questions, rating and weighting etc.). The software can also be downloaded for free. In this case questionnaires are encrypted and can be hosted on egrade is an ideal tool for companies who want to complement their communication capabilities significantly. Online surveys of any kind and assessments can be done any time without dedicated IT knowledge. egrade is also great for consultants. They can easily complement their range of services by online surveys, assessments, benefit analysis and professional ratings. With a single PC installation surveys for thousands of participants can be generated and managed. USPs: - egrade is more than just a survey system. It allows rating and assessments as well. - no web server installation is required. Forms (PHP- or ASP-files) run on every web server that supports PHP or ASP (99 per cent of all web servers).- Questionnaires can be generated in any language
Windows 2000, Windows XP
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Author: SoUCon GmbH
License: Shareware
Price: $250
File Size: 15.3 MB
Downloads: 3

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